Auto Leveler Guide

Auto Leveler Guide
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What is NinjaFarmer?
Ninja farmer is a unique system designed to automatically level ninjas (as well as Warriors, and Trojans) without any user interaction. It has t he ability to level up from 1 to 120 without requiring any attention from the user (just a command to enable it).

To enable Ninja Farmer on an account (via client) type the command: @nfarmer

Automatically level to 120 using built in locations.
Automatically promoting characters at level 15, 45, and 70.
Automatically purchasing equipment.
Automatically trades/deposit valuable items.
Automatically allot points as character levels up.
Ability to add "custom" spots instead of built in spots.
Ability to enable/disable Light Mode looting (disabling Light Mode will slow a character down, but it will also pick up +1 items).
Custom LootList for Ninja Farmers.

Ninja Farmer Spots
You can add your own Ninja Farmer spots in the Ninja Farmer option tab (Accessible via Settings -> Ninja Farmer).
If you wish to add, and use your own spots, you must first uncheck "Use Default Spots" option.
To start adding the spots, use the input fields to the right of the Spot list.

Input fields:
Level - The level up to which this spot will be used for.
--Example: 15 - If you enter level 15, The character will level at your given spot from 1-15 (or if you have a spot entered for level 7, it will level from 6 to 15 in the spot).
Map ID - The map where the character will be Hunting.
Coordinates - The X,Y coordinates where your character will hunt.
Radius - The distance allowed from your coordinates to look, hunt, and loot. Recommended: 70 or more depending on spot.
Safe Spot (optional) - A safe spot for your character to go to when it's not using an XP Skill. For example, if you put 1002,400,400 your character will wait in TC at 400,400 until it has the XP skill ready. When it's ready to cast, it will go back to Hunting.

  • Auto Allot - If your character is reborn, the auto-allot bot will automatically auto allot points needed for promotions.
  • Speed - The speed at which your characters will be Hunting / looting. It is recommended you leave this at 200.
  • Default Spots - Whether Ninja Farmer should use the built in spots, or a custom list. If disabled, it will use the list located about the option.
  • Use Safe Spot - Whether the safe spot feature should be used. If a safe spot is present, it will go to the safe spot to wait for XP skill. If a safe spot is not present, it will utilize a smart-hitting algorithm which hits characters, but dodges attacks until the XP skill is ready.
Lazy Farmer
Lazy Farmer is an extension to the Ninja Farmer, which will automatically connect and manage the characters you are ninja farming with. For example, if you wish to have 10 characters ninja farming, you simply enter the 10 accounts, click Set, and Enable Lazy Farmer.
The format for entering accounts is:

Make sure you click set after entering the accounts.

Lazy Farmer Loot List
This is a simply copy of the loot list located in the normal Hunting tab. Here, you can enter your item name, and the option.
dragonball pickup
meteor deposit
speedarrow ignore

Lazy Farmer Settings
These settings should be self explanatory. They are only options for disconnecting the character on specific events, and whether to create male, female, big, or small characters.

To Start Lazy Farmer, create the accounts and click "Enable Lazy Farmer"
Nov 27, 2012